Frequently Asked Questions

Bitlafa provides investors worldwide with the ability to invest in Bitcoin in a simple, smart and trusted way. The BMA (Bitlafa Managed Account) holds and trades Bitcoin. 

Investing in Bitcoin through The Bitlafa Managed Account is:

  • Simple: You do not have to be active in the investment,
  • Smart: you invest in a tax efficient structure, and
  • Trusted: you invest in a authorised crypto product – a managed investment scheme.

In addition, investing in Bitcoin through The Bitlafa Managed Fund is;

  • Easier than holding Bitcoin directly – when you buy and hold Bitcoin directly you need to make your own custody or safekeeping arrangements. in the BMA Bitcoin custody is managed within the underlying fund investments.

  • Professionally managed – the BMA investment manager, Bitlafa, is responsible for identifying underlying assets that best achieve BMA’s investment strategy. Bitlafa monitors the ability of the underlying assets to continue to achieve BMA’s investment strategy over time and considers whether any other assets might be preferable. This includes selecting and managing the portfolio of underlying crypto assets.

No. As with all investments, there will be risks involved. Your Bitcoin will be used to trade units in the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Admins as Custodian will hold your units in the Fund and will be the Custodian of the shares in the Underlying Bitcoin. But your money is not guaranteed.

Please note the value of your Bitcoin can fluctuate, as the market changes. We would suggest speaking to your financial advisor before deciding whether to invest.

Excluding introductory offers we may run.The minimum initial investment is $1,000. The minimum investment amount may be lower via investment platforms, should you have an exist account at another provider please notify your advisor.

You may request redemption of some of your investment at any time.  You can make a redemption request via the investment platform or via contacting your advisor.

Payment will normally be made within 5 business days the redemption request from you being received.

The BMA may suspend or defer redemptions if the manager determines this is in the best interests of investors generally. They may also suspend redemptions from the BMA in certain circumstances driven by market conditions. Including if the manager, in good faith, forms the opinion that it is not practicable or would be materially prejudicial to the interests of the BMA investors to realise assets or borrow to permit unit redemptions.

A redemption of  part of your investment in the BMA, will be at the account balance on the day in which your redemption request is processed, adjusted for the applicable sell spread. Note that redemptions are only processed at the end of day prices and you are unable to trade units in the BMA intra-day.

The BMA reserves the right to refuse a redemption request for less than 50 USD or a redemption request that would result in you holding less than the minimum account balance (except where all of your units are to be redeemed).

The base unit of currency in the BMA is denominated in United States dollars (USD), whereas the underlying assets are denominated in Bitcoin (BTC). Bitlafa takes care of the exchange rate process within the BMA and denominates the BMA reporting in USD for ease of client understanding.

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Yes – If you are a company, you can invest in a BMA and stake BTC.
KYC requirements may included supplementary company documents – please have these to hand

You will be charged fees for investing in BMA.

The BMA performance fee totals 15% of profits annually on a high watermark basis. A high watermark means that the account must be above its previous all time high before future performance fees can be deducted. 

Your selected investment platform or financial advisors may also charge additional fees. These will be notified by them at the time of purchase.

You can invest via any existing Bitcoin wallet or account you have set up. If you do not have a facility set up a Bitlafa advisor can assist you in doing so.

Bitlafa accepts customer on-boarding via If you wish to invest in the Bitlafa products, you will first need to onboard as a customer at

Payment is only accepted in BTC

Bitlafa operates on a 24 hours basis like the markets it functions in, customer service is available daily between 10 – 6 GMT daily.

Understanding Managed Cryptocurrency Trading

Earn 2% – 5% per month, from a managed  account, with minimal risk. 

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