About Us

Bitlafa Digital Funds aims to make investing in digital assets easier and provide investors with easy access to this dynamic new asset class in a simple, smart, and trusted way.

Bitlafa Digital Funds Limited
Was Founded in 2018

We were founded in 2018 with the mission of bringing automated Crypto trading to the masses.

Bitlafa Digital is tied to AdmiralCrypto, in conjunction with AdmiralCrypto we have set up a financial ecosystem that benefits you!

Simple. Smart. Trusted.

We have partnered with the most secure wallet providers and made access to this new frontier in finance available to the every man. With BITLAFA Digital your agent will guide you in any part of the process should you need it. 

Understanding Managed Cryptocurrency Trading

Earn 2% – 5% per month, from a managed  account, with minimal risk. 

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